Had Surgery Elsewhere?

Dr. Fowler will see patients who have had weight loss surgery at another facility for routine follow-up or if you have symptoms or problems related to surgery.  Before your appointment with the surgeon, you must first submit by fax (808-521-1350), mail, or in person the Required Reports.  This allows the surgeon to provide you with the best treatments.  We recommend that you keep a copy of these records.

Required Reports

If you’ve had a Gastric Bypass, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, Vertical Banded Gastroplasty:

1. Operative report

If you’ve had an Adjustable Gastric Band:

1.  Operative report

2. Upper GI swallow study done within the past year. The actual films or CD are needed for review. If you do not have a recent upper GI swallow study, please call your primary care doctor to order one.

*If you do not have a recent GI swallow please call your primary care doctor to order one.*Dr. Fowler will not see you without a thorough review of your past medical records.  Patients are accepted on a case by case basis.