Fat Transfer

Buttock Fat Transfer

This is a procedure where excess fat is liposuctioned from areas such as the abdomen, flanks, hips or thighs. After preparing the removed fat, it is injected into areas of the body that need filling. Non-traumatic cannulas are used to protect the survival of each harvested living fat cell. The fat cells are then purified and slowly injected through tiny skin incisions into the tissue. The injected fat will provide increased volume in a variety of different body areas.

Buttock Fat Transfer, also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift:

After a Standard Liposuction procedure, the harvested fat is discarded. But this fat is still alive, and can be placed back into your body in areas where there is a deficiency. Many people would like their butt to have a more appealing shape. Unfortunately silicone butt implants are a foreign material that can have fairly high complication rates. Why not use your own fat to create a lasting effect? This is where the Brazilian Butt Lift came into being.

 Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Short Video:

The procedure can be divided into two parts: buttock reshaping and buttock augmentation

Buttock reshaping involves adjusting the shape to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. This is the most important part of the procedure because size cannot improve the look without having the correct shape. There are specific measurements we can make to help define where and how to improve the shape. This involves the (1)frame shape, (2)buttock shape and size, (3)intragluteal crease length, (4)infragluteal crease length and shape.

  • (1) Frame shape. The outer silhouette creates the overall shape of the buttocks. Three points encompassing the iliac crest, mid buttocks and hip create an overall shape. In general, there are four shapes: square, round, V and A. The A shape is the most aesthetically pleasing. The width of the A frame is dependent on cultural preferences. Liposuction and fat transfer in these areas can change the frame shape.
  • (2) Buttock shape and size. Shape is more important than size. Regardless, the buttock should be C shaped on lateral view, with smooth transitions to the outer borders using fat transfer.
  • (3) Intragluteal crease. The crease should be approximately half the length of the gluteal muscle, located in the middle. Fat transfer can extend this line to improve buttock shape to frame shape symmetry.
  • (4) Infragluteal crease. Ideally, the crease extends out from the midline at a 45 degree angle, then gently curves laterally. The length can be variable. Liposuction and fat transfer can help obtain this shape.

Buttock Augmentation is done with general anesthesia under the care of a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. The entire procedure commonly last 4 hours. Recovery entails protecting your buttocks from pressure for at least two weeks to ensure the best possible outcome.The amount of fat that is injected is dependent on the goals of the patient. In general, the goal of the procedure is to adjust your current buttock shape to one that is more “heart-shaped”. An average of 75% of fat that is injected will survive and remain in place. Results may vary from person to person. Cost of the procedure is variable, and starts at 5,000$.

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