Monitoring Laboratory Work

Preoperative Laboratory Tests:

  • BMP, CBC, LFTs, Uric acid, Vit D(OH 25), Vit B12, Fe, Ferritin, Calcium, INR, Lipid panel, TSH, Free T4, Thiamin, Folate, H Pylori Ab, HgA1C, Urinalysis

3 Month Post-Operative:

  • CBC, Fe, Folate, and B12

6 Month Post-Operative:

  • CBC, BMP, Calcium, Fe, Folate, and B12

Yearly Post-Operative:

  • CBC, BMP, Calcium, Fe, Ferritin, Uric acid, Vitamin D (25-OH), Folate, Vitamin B12, Thiamin, Lipid panel, LFTs, PTH, Albumin


  • Patients with a history of diabetes have HgA1C measured every 3 months until normalized
  • Patients presenting to the emergency room are tested for CBC, CMP, Iron, Calcium, B12, Thiamin, and any other tests appropriate
  • Patients with any deficiency are treated accordingly and re-measured in 3 months
Note: These are general recommendations. Other dieticians, bariatric programs, and professional societies may have varied recommendations.