Patient Information

This section is devoted to patient information, from patient forms to information on traveling patients.

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Is Surgery Right for Me?

Considering weight loss surgery is a major decision that should be carefully evaluated. Many of our patients view surgery as a “lifesaving” intervention, but society sees it as an “elective” operation.

Traveling Patients

Many of our patients come from neighbor islands and even as far as across the Pacific. Our program in conjunction with Castle Hospital works with our traveling patients to provide efficient use of travel time and minimize trips needed for surgery preparation.

Had Surgery Elsewhere? 

Dr. Fowler will consider seeing patients who have had their weight loss surgery done at another location. In order for the office to make an initial appointment, you must first submit the Required Reports.

Bariatric Surgery Costs

All patients will have to pay a Program Fee for Castle Hospital. This charge incorporates many of the services that are not reimbursable by your insurance. Specifically, the Program Fee encompasses Dietician Consults, Exercise Specialist Consults, Support Groups before and after surgery, programmaterials, data management, and supplemental seminars in well-being.

Cash Pay Option for Patients

Most patients are able to obtain weight loss surgery as a covered benefit under their health insurance. In some cases, particular insurances will not pay for qualified candidates, or limit the type of operation offered. If the qualified patient still wishes to undergo surgery, they can proceed on a cash pay basis.

Complications of Bariatric Surgery

As with all surgeries there are risks involved. This page has information on some of the procedures.

Vitamin Supplement Recommendations

Many patients before they even have surgery, have low levels of vitamins. The important vitamins to be aware of are B12, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D.

Patient Forms

There are many forms associated with surgery. This page has our most frequently used documents and forms.