Revisional Surgery


Some people who have undergone weight loss surgery in the past have either developed complications which require intervention, or have gained back a significant amount of weight, where consideration is made to perform another weight loss procedure.
Revisional surgery encompasses these two situations.

A decision to go forward with a revisional surgery should not be made lightly, and input from the surgeon, psychologist, and dietician are essential to plan the best possible chance of success. When considering revisional surgery, make sure to get a second opinion, and align yourself with a program that has experience with these types of cases.

Knowledge and experience with a dedicated team will be critical in maximizing your safety. We have over 10 years and 2,000 cases of advanced bariatric procedures. Aloha Surgery has experience with revising sleeves to duodenal switches and gastric bypasses, re-doing bypasses and their associated failures, LapBand conversions, VBG conversions, and newer endoluminal interventions.