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More Info on Complete Multivitamins

Information from Dr. Fowler on the new Complete Multivitamins:

Complete Multivitamin, Aloha SurgeryOur new Complete Multivitamins were designed with the post surgery vertical sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass patient in mind.
Almost all bariatric multivitamins out there in the market are in a chewable or powder form. There are few if any options for a multivitamin in pill form that meet all the nutritional requirements for post bariatric surgery patients.

What we have seen here in Aloha Surgery’s practice, is that patients use the recommended chewable multivitamins for the first few months after their surgery, then switch to an alternative pill form. Chewable multivitamins tend to have a chemically sweet taste and a chalky aftertaste.

The pills patients switch to, end up being widely available standard multivitamins that do NOT contain the recommended contents for bariatric patients. These individuals are forced to either risk developing a vitamin deficiency, or end up buying multiple different pills to cover the recommended amounts.