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Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot Defends Choice to get Sleeve Gastrectomy

Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot Defends Choice to get Sleeve Gastrectomy

According to the recent article on, Celebrity chef Graham Elliot, who has lost 150 pounds following a sleeve gastrectomy in July, is “defending his choice” to have bariatric surgery against critics who said he took the “easy way out.”

Research confirms that surgery beats diet and exercise for producing rapid weight loss, but bariatric surgeons are frustrated by the negative stigma surrounding weight-loss surgery. “People lose sight of the fact that the patients aren’t just obese, they’re sick,” said bariatric surgeon Dr. Alan Wittgrove. “It’s not as easy as just losing weight.”

Dr. Wittgrove said it’s unfair that weight-loss surgery is viewed as the lazy person’s way out of obesity, saying no one would accuse someone who gets cancer surgery as lazy.

We are very pleased to see the positive argument for Bariatric/Metabolic Surgery shift away from just weight loss to improved health. Many of our patients can relate to chef Graham that weight loss is not the main goal but being healthy is.  To read the full story click here.


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  1. I think Chef Elliot made the best choice in having bariatric surgery done to get back to a healthy weight. Obesity is a disease and it is not like having a few extra pounds.You do what you have to do to get better. Surgery is a tool that will help but it is not an easy out. It is a hard choice and one not made lightly by anyone undergoing the surgery. It also means that you will forever be changed in the way you eat and what you eat and how your body responds. Congratulations Chef on making a good decision.

  2. Congratulations Chef Graham! I think you look amazing! Anyone who has had the same surgery or something similar knows it is not as easy as those who are quick to criticise. I too have had the VSG, just two weeks post op. My underlying health issues are extreme osteoarthritis, menopause and very close to diabetes. I exercise regularly and for the most healthy ‘most’ of the time. My main focus is reducing the swelling and pain in my body, which hinders me from living an active life most days
    I’m only 45! Best of luck Chef G!!!

  3. I am proud of Chef Graham. People get the wrong idea of weight loss surgery and don’t realize it is a tool to help. I had gastric Sleeve last month and with all the great support I will succeed .

  4. There will always be critics. Who cares? Each and every one of us makes choices as to what we will do with our lives. He made the best choice for him. If he is happy with it, God bless. Keep the negativity to yourself naysayers! As you see, it works!

  5. Weight loss surgery is not about taking the easy way out. It’s about quality of life. Many who make the major decision to have their digestive organs altered do so in search of a lifeline. This is not cosmetic surgery. There is a great deal of commitment to agreeing to have a procedure to which there is no going back. There is nausea, vomiting and the healing of a major organ to deal with. There is diarrhea, and other side effects during the first few weeks. It is a brave move and a bold move to make this life changing decision and I commend Chef Graham for taking back control of a part of his life that was controlling him.

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