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Former MLB Pitcher Loses 162 Pounds w/ Bariatric Surgery

Former MLB Pitcher Loses 162 Pounds w/ Bariatric Surgery

According to a recent article by CNN Health, Former MLB Pitcher Drops 162 Pounds, Denny McLain received a sleeve gastrectomy  last June and lost 162 pounds.

In 1968, McLain became the last pitcher to win 31 games in a season, a record that has not been broken since. His awards include the Cy Young winner, the Most Valuable Player Award, and cover of Time Magazine that season. 

McLain admits to unhealthy lifestyle and during his playing days he use to consume a case of Pepsi every day. He was also in a wheelchair 75% of the time before bariatric surgery. McLain says that, “My doctors both took me aside and said, “Two things can happen. One is good. One is bad. The good thing: You have heart attack and die. Bad news: If you have a stroke and don’t die, who is going to take care of you? How much help can you be?’ ”

McLain is now able to keep up with his seven grandchildren and says, “It’s been 35 years since I have been in this sort of shape,” he said. “I can do things now I could never do.”

Dr. Fowler wants to get the word out that metabolic operations like the sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass are life saving operations that should be covered and accepted by all American insurance companies and encouraged by the public at large.

To read the full article via CNN click here.


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