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Honolulu Bariatric Surgeon Performs Single Incision Weight Loss

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Dr. Fowler Offers First Single Incision Weight Loss Procedure in Hawaii

At his Honolulu, HI bariatric surgery practice, Dr. Steven Fowler is the first surgeon to offer single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS). While Dr. Fowler says his first priority is patient safety, he believes the ability to decrease the aesthetic impact of weight loss surgery and perform the LAP-BAND Surgery® for weight loss through a smaller incision is also important to his patients.

Dr. Steven Fowler, a board-certified bariatric surgeon in Honolulu, is the only surgeon to use an innovative technique which allows for a smaller incision when performing the popular LAP-BAND Surgery in Hawaii. Dr. Fowler says patient safety is the top priority for any weight loss procedure, and patient satisfaction also plays an integral role in the overall success of treatment, which is why utilizing the latest technological advancement in bariatric surgery – known as SILS, or single incision laparoscopic surgery – is a top priority for him as well.

While Dr. Fowler admits safe weight loss and a healthy transformation remain the top priorities for any weight loss procedure, whether that be the LAP-BAND System® or a gastric bypass, patients often express concern over the size and shape of the scar. From the initial consultation, Dr. Fowler says he carefully explains the various weight loss surgery options available, while addressing each step of the process from pre-operative responsibilities to recovery, which includes the aesthetic appearance once all is said and done. “A true benchmark of a surgeon’s performance is safety. But in addition, if an incision can made smaller, why wouldn’t a patient consider that procedure.”

Whether Dr. Fowler is performing a procedure using the SILS method, or another recent innovation in the field of bariatric surgery known as the gastric sleeve, he says he always remains conscious of the overall aesthetic impact of each procedure. As the first surgeon in Hawaii to offer this cutting-edge approach to the LAP-BAND System®, he adds he still enjoys the general surprise patients express at the lack of scarring. “I’ve had patients tell me that their friends couldn’t find the scar left behind by their weight loss procedure.”

About Dr. Fowler

Dr. Steven Fowler earned his medical degree from the Boston University School of Medicine, and then completed his surgical residency at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. He is the acting medical director at Castle Medical Center, which was designated as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence® by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Aloha Surgery is located at 928 Nuuanu Ave. #400 in Honolulu, HI 96813, and can be reached at (808) 521-1300, or found online at or the Aloha Surgery – Dr. Steven Fowler Facebook page.


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