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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy, also known as the gastric sleeve, is a relatively new procedure. 5 year experience with this procedure in the United States was recently published in 2009. It is categorized as a restrictive operation where the stomach is made smaller, so you eat less food before you feel full. The surgeon removes about 80% of your stomach, and the patient is left with a narrow tube-shaped stomach.

Decreased appetite is probably aided by the stomach division, which alters some of the stomach signaling. This procedure was initially used as the first of two operations for treating patients with very high BMI’s. However, many patients did so well with this operation, that the procedure has since gained popularity as a stand-alone operation.

Weight loss for this procedure is reported as 50-60% excess weight loss. This procedure is also considered metabolic because we see changes in gut signaling which can improve one’s diabetes and lipid profiles.